ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT 1. Applicant to have a Bachelor’s of Architecture degree. 2. Applicant to have 3-5 years work experience in the field of architecture. 3. Applicant to be experienced in Autocad, email and MS Office software programs. 4. Applicant to be working towards achieving an architectural license. 5. Applicant to work under the direct supervision of a Senior Architect at Indus. 6. Applicant’s responsibilities will include: • AutoCAD drafting. • Performing site inspections. • Preparing field reports, including photo sheets. • Preparing technical specifications. 7. Applicant to be familiar with building codes and able to research specific code issues. 8. Applicant to be capable of performing inspections of roofs, facades and interiors to accomplish specific project goals. 9. Applicant to be NYC scaffold trained. The compensation package is based on working a 40 hour work week. A salaried position at our firm does not compensate the employee for overtime hours worked. Junior Architect position is an at-will hiring, with no set time contract. Indus Architect PLLC has an Employee Manual, which outlines our policies for EOE, Harassment, Vacation, Sick time, and other company policies. Compensation is commensurate upon interview, experience, portfolio and educational qualifications.


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