Indus provides consultation in all phases of the project from planning and design compliance through review of completed contract drawings and specifications.  We also review as-built construction elements, assuring compliance.  This rigorous analysis can be provided as a report and/or as an annotated set of documents, including a comparative analysis of code-required clearances, distances, configurations, etc. with indications of the non-conforming items.  These services can be provided individually or as part of a larger assignment, such as those associated with providing services to prescribe the corrective measures required, litigation consulting, property condition assessment and as related to value-engineering. Indus performs energy code analysis for New York City and State (Energy Conservation Code- ECCNYS and NYCECC 2016). Depending on the application, we develop spreadsheets of the building’s insulation values either through a tabular analysis or a modeling approach (E-Quest) of New York State. We perform these analyses on new buildings and renovations to older buildings. The energy code analysis can be a stand alone consulting or part of our waterproofing consulting services.


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