LEAD ENGINEER Indus Architects PLLC, is searching to fill a personnel requirement, related to the identification of an individual to join the firm and to assist in establishing an engineering division to complement the architectural division. This candidate would, initially, be coming in to establish the engineering protocols, documents and division requirements and in performing our forensic, technical, engineering design and litigation work. The proper candidate would be in charge of the division and ultimately would assist in its growth and success, becoming a Principal-in-Charge. Job Duties: o Report directly to the President and general Principal-in-Charge • Establish internal engineering protocols for the new engineering division. • Prepare internal boilerplate and reference documents for use by the firm and, particularly, the engineers. • Perform site investigations and prepare reports, related to MEP/FA and Sprinkler systems, in response to Client requests and in context of code compliance and good practice. • Perform Property Condition Assessments and prepare the subsequent re[port. • Review, analyze and annotate drawings and documents, as part of a project or litigation matter. • Perform Construction Administration, in reviewing Shop Drawings and Submittals and in performing Punch-lists and follow-up. • Provide basis of design and design for forensic and condition repairs. • Develop budgets for scopes of work identified by the Client and the firm. • Attend Client, logistics, coordination and design and construction meetings, representing the Client and the firm. • Assist in the management of the engineering staff and be responsible for proper staffing and compliance with schedule deadlines. • Collaborate with, and sometimes report to, the architectural division, depending on workload and imminent deadlines. • Answer RFI’s, related to any drawings/documents produced and issued. • Evaluate requests for substitutions and alternates. • Oversight and development, implementation and enforcement of office engineering standards. • Assist in determining fees and preparing proposals. • Assist in Marketing and Business Development efforts. Job Requirements: Minimum Qualifications: Candidates will have earned a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Engineering, with an emphasis on Mechanical Engineering, although Electrical Engineers, with a strong mechanical background, will be considered. Candidates must have a working knowledge and understanding of the other engineering disciplines, such as electrical, plumbing, fire-alarm, sprinkler. Candidates must have a Professional Engineer’s License (PE) or be available to be licensed in New York State, via reciprocity. Signing and Sealing of documents will not be a requirement, although, it will be the responsibility of the candidate to review any work with the signing/sealing individual and assure that the work is complete, appropriate and pursuant to all applicable codes. Candidates must have the ability to immediately identify design, practice and code flaws, while in the field. Candidate must be willing to be scaffold certified and to perform critical inspections, in the field. Candidates must have an excellent working knowledge of the New York City Code, New York State Energy Code and any other applicable local and national codes. Candidate must have the ability to resolve code discrepancies and interpretations. Candidates must have the ability to clearly and concisely communicate, in English, with our clients, attorneys, the design team members, the architects, other consultants, building department staff, contractors and all others, in representing our clients and the firm. Candidates must have excellent written skills, in the preparation of reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, emails and other forms of communication. Candidate shall be adept in working with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, Word and Excel.


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