SENIOR ARCHITECT Applicant to be licensed with a minimum of a Bachelor of Architecture and 5-10 years work experience in a related field of architecture. Must be analytical and proficient technically, to allow the performance of field investigations of various types, with the ability to prepare professional level written reports. Candidate must be able to lead a team in accomplishing the objectives of our clients. Must be a good communicator, verbally, with the ability to lead meetings and present the architectural product and field and respond to questions. Must be able to write at a high level. Must foster the tenets of teamwork, cooperation and mentor-ship. Responsibilities will include: • Project Management. • Team Management. • Client and Contractor Interface and Coordination. • Consultant guidance and direction. • Analysis and Spreadsheets. • Site inspections, including Water Test, Probes, etc. • Must be Scaffold Certified or be wiling to be trained. • Prepare Field Reports. • Perform Expert Witness Documents Review and Brief Preparation. • Lead and Coordinate the Production of Contract Documents. • Annotate (Red-Line) Documents for Accuracy of Intent and Content. • Comfort with the Latest NYC Building Code, the NYS Building Code and the IBC. • Contribute to Office Leadership. • Management of Project Budgets, Fees, Deliverables and Schedules. • Preparing Technical Specifications. • Proficient in AutoCAD. • Proficiency in Windows Office Software or equivalent. After completing the first three months of full-time employment, the applicant will be eligible for our very competitive benefits package: • Medical and dental benefits for him/her as part of the compensation package. The medical package is comprised of a 40% employee contribution and 60% employer contribution. The dental plan is comprised of 100% employer contribution. Family health and dental coverage is available at additional cost (100% employee contribution). Applicant will be responsible for co-pays. • Pre-tax savings program for health and dental costs (Cafeteria Plan). • Direct Deposit program. • The Indus Architect PLLC 401K Plan • Employee profit sharing at the discretion of the company president. • End of the year bonus at the discretion of the company president. • Company credit card, on which Applicant can charge project and company related expenses, with the submission of a completed monthly expense form. • Two weeks paid vacation time, five days sick time and ten government holidays. The compensation package is based on working a 40 hour work week. A salaried position at our firm does not compensate the employee for overtime hours worked. Junior Architect position is an at-will hiring, with no set time contract. Indus Architect PLLC has an Employee Manual, which outlines our policies for EOE, Harassment, Vacation, Sick time, and other company policies. Compensation is commensurate upon interview, experience, portfolio and educational qualifications.


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